We Are Back From SWIG EventiIndia2019- Review


Hello Everyone,
Well we are back from India and Eventi19. What an exciting trip it was. Yes we will go back as we made some new friends and team members while over there. The next Eventi20 is in Moscow so make a plan to join us on a Russian Adventure Oct 2020. You can check out the combined India google Album on this link
The information gained at Eventi19 and the Goa leadership conference was both of excellent quality and exciting for all our partners around the world. Multi-Level-Crowd-Investing (MLCI) is taking the world by storm. So jump-on-board to your future.
Live Video:
Watch all the Crazy Prepartions
that went into the Eventi2019, which saw over 17K + people attend from over 110 different countries!
See the bottom of this email for information about our week call you can be part of and have your questions answered.
What we learned!
A small sample of what we learned of benefits of being an early adopter in SWIG crowdfunding projects like the CRU program. I recommend you read at least twice to let it sink in:
1.SkyWay Technology Co is up and running. Current contracts and works in progress have put the company in a positive cash-flow position and they are no long relying on the crowdfunding from P.I.P.E.S. as working capital. There is a some window of opportunity to secure EIP’s with bonus P.I.P.E.S. So act sooner than later;
2.we have more time in the CRU program to buy EIP’s with the at a bigger discounts on the Bonus CRU;
3.there is more time for the administration of the CRU program to set up our own block-chain giving greater security and protection of our personal details and cost savings;
4.gives time for Profi Bonus to get traction and be seen along side the loyalty bonus;
5.the CRU program portfolio will be larger;
6.Profi bonus payment will be higher;
7.higher price of CRU program at STO;
8.we have more time to educate ourselves about N.E.E.W.;
9.CRU program will have more momentum and will have an accelerated growth once released;
10.there will be greater interest from institutional buyers;
11.token will be fully validated by regulators;
12.greater understanding of CRU program as white book will be released;
13.greater understanding in public awareness of what a Security Token is;
14.understanding the virtue of patience;
15.understanding the importance of following rules;
16.SkyWay Technology Co U.A.E. project will be more advanced;
17.eligible Training Program (E.P.T.) will be more advanced and closer to completion;
18.other product diversification being developed along side the E.T.P. closer to final presentation to the public;
19.early adopters will have gotten back all or most of their initially outlaid EIP purchase funds;
20.new people will get 2 bonuses from the CRU program at get-go;
21.more people will hold CRU;
22.lower transaction fees by owning our own exchange within the CRU program and profits from third party customer of our exchange will flow into the CRU program;
23.MOST IMPORTANTLY we get to keep our database. A business’s database is its lifeblood;
24.Partners have time to build a larger network assets and help more people reach financial security;
25.The two SWIG resorts one in Thailand and one in Crimea will have a SkyWay system from the resort to the beach and will partially be a time share;
26.SkyWay Technology Co is building in multiple countries working on many contracts simultaneously with +10km per day of string rail installed or up to 100 km per week. Current projects: Belarus ; Moscow; Brazil; Nigeria; Ethiopia;
27.The Brazilian mining project contract for SkyWay Technology Co cargo string rail is huge and public announcements could be seen as early as the second quarter 2020;
28.Basalt thread production industrial production facility is being built in India with the CRU program being the major stock holder. This technology is simple astounding. Forward orders from major car manufactures alone should see the production facility in positive cash-flow next year. Read advantage of Basalt here;
29.In Goa it was announced that SWIG has applied for and was granted a financial services banking and exchange permits and licences in Singapore. This is where the U-Gpay banking and exchange with be set up;
30.The three gold mine the CRU program has interests in have gold reserves of over 80 tonne with gold production underway in two of the three sites. A forth site is under negotiation in Australia. This will see the underlying gold assets value of the CRU program at Au 1g per token. It is planned to have 49 tonne processed for SWIG by this time next year. Andrey has set a goal to have each CRU token back by 1 ounce of gold by Phase III of the program.
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The CRU program has been paying bonus every month so please log in and check your wallet. You maybe able to purchase an extra CRU-EIP before the stage change and get some extra Bonus CRU Tokens at a greater discount. There are big advantages for taking action today.
Andrey has given us a gift. Stage seven has been extended until 31st October, so grab yourself an EIPS (Education Information Program) package.

For the Network Asset Team builders.

Here are some example gmail/letters

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you can use to send to people:
  1. Introduction letter download here https://list-manage.agle1.cc/click?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Ffile%2Fd%2F1Jfq8lt8hZjQj1-1qoZwY9HFjxcJVqshO%2Fview%3Fusp%3Dsharing&s=5689531432960000&t=1572417573923&ns=changeagents1ststep
  2. Getting started after sign on to the SWIG education portal download here https://list-manage.agle1.cc/click?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fopen%3Fid%3D1phJ0iOKvvG2sQNKdyvZhaD7lM6hQ6QHV&s=5689531432960000&t=1572417573923&ns=changeagents1ststep

Our Crew PortFolio as of 1/11/2019 is valued at over USD$127Million ! (since starting in 2014 with $26,000!)
We are off to Eventti2020
The New Economic Evolution of the World

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