The SWIG Crypto Units Program


We would like to share great news – personal account of the “CryptoUnit” program is now live.

Based on an STO- Security Token Offering back by an experientially growing blue-chip  $Multi-Million Investment Portfolio not just an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)



It is the brainchild of Russian Finacial Eductor Andre Khovratov


Click here to view the 20+ Sectors
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The personal account is only available to participants of the program.

Who can enter the “CryptoUnit” (CRU) closed program:

  • Available to All SWIG users who purchase an EIP (Education Information Package)   in the SWIG personal account
  • If you want to enter the CRU program and are not a SWIG User, you will need to become a SWIG user and you will be able to gain access to the “CryptoUnit” closed club only after completing all requirements.
  • Access to the “CryptoUnit” closed club is only possible through the SWIG personal account.
  • Ability to enter the program using bonus funds, obtained via the partner program.
  • Only until April 15 you have the opportunity to transfer from the SWIG personal account to any account in the “CryptoUnit” program personal account using internal transfers.
  • Participants can purchase CRU tokens with bonuses received in the CRU personal account.
  • Amount of CRU tokens is reflected in the register of shareholders and a certificate of ownership of a number of shares, reflected in the CRU account, is issued.
  • All CRU tokens can be sold on any cryptocurrency exchange or in the Unit Global Pay Banking account by any participant after the STO and once CRU tokens enter free circulation.

If you really plan to participate in the CryptoUnit program or are a participant already, please, spend a couple of minutes of your time to complete the registration.

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