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  • New users
  • For CRU program participants
  • For users registered in the SWIG or API PA
For those who are already registered in the SWIG or API PA, but are just planning to join the closed club
— access to the “CryptoUnit” Program (CRU) Closed Club will cost 10 units until September 15.

From September 16, access will cost 100 units. As such, it is possible to join the “CryptoUnit” program closed club and open a CRU personal account by paying for any EIP in the SWIG or API PA:

  • 10 units until September 15, or
  • 100 units after September 16

Press the “JOIN NOW” button below to register in the Personal Account. Activate with a G-Mail Account for the best Email security

Contact Our support via a phone call, Skype, Zoom  or online-chat in the personal account and learn current entry conditions in the CRYPTOUNIT (CRU) program. Contact Us with your best contact details 

Use Our support help you to purchase a CryptoUnit program package.

Follow the events timetable in the personal account and visit summary webinars to keep up to date

  • Bonus of 20 units for new partners who register directly in the CRU account until September 30th inclusive. From September 30th, the bonus will be cancelled.
  • It will be possible to register up to 50 new users directly in the CRU account until September 15, from September 16, it will only be possible to register 35 people directly.
  • Pleasant addition to stage 7: those who purchase any EIP in the CRU personal account from September 1 to 15 will get an additional bonus in Unit/CRU points which is 10% larger than the one indicated in the product.
  • The number of tokens is displayed in the personal account and a certificate of ownership for the amount of tokens displayed in the CRU account is issued.
  • The possibility to sell tokens, belonging to a participant, on any crypto exchange or in the UnitGlobalPay banking account is planned after the STO and with free circulation of CRU tokens.

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