The CoinTree Newsletter – May 2017

Bitcoin at all time highs again, Litecoin uses lightening payments, Japan joins in and an Andreas talk.

Price Calms Down After Smashing $2500 AUD

Bitcoin was on fire last week as it broke USD $1700, $1800 and almost $1900 within a couple of days. The price fell back to $1600 briefly before climbing back and finding comfort at around $1800. This run could just be getting started.

Bitcoin Price Update

Litecoin Is Already Using Lightening Network

SegWit was voted on a couple of weeks ago. Now it is active on the network and has opened up the road for lightening transactions which offer immediate super cheap payments. Check out a few of the implementations live on Litecoin now.

Litecoin Sends First Litening Transaction

Japan Is Getting Ready For Institutional Bitcoin Trading

Japan is picking up from where the USA dropped the ball in not approving the Bitcoin EFT. Internet giant GMO and a handful of the countries largest trading platforms are set to offer institutional investors a path to get into bitcoin.

Japan Is Open For Bitcoin Busiess

Andreas Video: Fake News, Fake Money

Here Andreas shows how the “Fake News” situation came to be and how this is ties in with the “Fake Money” spin the media has been pushing and will continue to push. This is an excellent talk by the best in the business.

Andreas Video: Fake News, Fake Money



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