Let’s Take a Quick Look at Bitcoin

xCoins GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY For some people, Bitcoin is completely new
and maybe even a little scary. That’s why we
provide videos to show you what Bitcoin is all
about (you did watch them right?).

If you’re a complete “Bitcoin Newbie” watch this:


Here is a simple screenshot of Bitcoin on the
day I am writing this email. $1262.71 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Tops 3-Week High As Price Inches Upward

This, as you know changes from day to day, depending
on what’s happening around the world. Bitcoin is
expected to continue growing and what does that mean
for us? More interest in Bitcoin means more people wanting
to learn how to get it, use it and save it.

Timing… is indeed everything.

Let’s make good use of our “time.”

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