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Can you furnish details on who owns and runs CoinSpace?

Yes we can – The following is from CoinSpace Support and was directed to Mike C
Coinspace is a fully taxable EU company with reg. No: C70466 and VAT number: MT22473219

The director of the Company is Mrs. Mojca Plut. She is the main supervisor of our EU mining plant where initial profits for the mining are generated. Until today it was invested more than 900.000 EUR into the EU mining facility itself and a lot more will be invested in near future.

The other member of the board is Jerry Plesko with a lot of experience in a classic business as well as multilevel marketing. He built his own printing and publishing house Tiskarna.NET with approx. 50 employees. Achievements in MLM: established a group of once almost 5.000 and later around 15.000 distributors in less than 1,5 years in his former network marketing companies he used to work for.

The rest here are the people who are solely building the network and helping in expansion of new markets. Some of them have various functions very beneficial to the company, that is why they are also put under NDA and their role is mainly connected to market expansion or managing or servicing the mining operation.

The rest of the company consists of the accounting department, support department, financial department, marketing department, IT and design department and compliance department.

Kind regards,
Coinspace Support Team
Coinspace Ltd
Triq Il-Kappar Mosta MT, MST-4003 Malta

What does CoinSpace S Coin do?

COINSPACE is a company that offers a Licence Business in the area of digital Money and binary Referral Marketing System, which is among the best and most expansive business models in the world.

Digital Money – called Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin & Co – are the biggest market the next 10 years and way out of the existing financial system: no inflation, decentralized, near to zero fees, instant transactions ins seconds worldwide, anonymous, no borders.

With COINSPACE you get a lucrative business model as a licensee and reputable, high income opportunities that can make you financially independent.

How does it work?

Coins are mined for you 365 days per year at a rate determined by your initial investment. These coins can be sold to the company for a 50% profit on your investment or they can be sold on the market for 100% or more profit after they are launched on the market.

What do I need to to do to get involved?

Register- THAT’S It! Your in and you have secured your position –

Registration is FREE! Do that now REGISTER

CoinSpace S Coin provide you with a Personalized Custom Money Maker Program. Direct payments to your Prepaid Debit Card. Cash rewards for new members, one year contract, instant profits, no electricity costs, no hardware setup costs, no software costs and no maintenance costs.

Can anyone become a ConSpace S Coin Member?

Yes! They can but it would be much better if you registered first and then you can introduce those others and while they gain a benefit SO DO YOU!

How fast can I be set up and running?

Once you have registered, you become part of the team instantly and you have access to your back office which contains all the basic information you will need to start to invest. Plus you have the teams support, all or any questions you might have we can answer.

Why should I trust Coin Space S Coin?

We agree, this is a great question, trust is so important these days as there are so many scams. In the questions and answers above you should find all you need. BUT we are and CoinSpace is contactable, nothing is hidden.

CoinSpace S-Coin offers the following advantages; more users, higher security and a stable value growth, S-Coin offers a one year contract which means that you own a share of a supercomputer that mines coins for you 24/7 for one year, there are no power costs. Hardware setup costs and no maintenance costs involved.

The CoinSpace s Coin system provides you your own production of Crypto Currencies. You have the opportunity to become the owner of your own mining system for several currencies which up until now has only been available for large enterprises. CoinSpace S Coin provide you the ownership of your own system in order to make crypto currencies (your very own money making machine).

Can I introduce others to CoinSpace S Coin?

YES YOU CAN! While it is not compulsory one of the best ways to build your business is by introducing others to the idea. They make money and generate more money for you and the whole team.

It is not necessary to recruit people to make money and you are not operating an MLM business, simply buying time on a supercomputer to mine coins.

When you register you are placed into the group on a particular level and you hold the position for ever! so as you build by introducing others, you benefit as do the people above you all benefit.

The CoinSpace S Coin team is at your disposal, you can call just about any time and if we are not available, leave a message and one of the team will call you back, we will help you build.

Is this like Bit Coin?

Sort of? Bit Coin Started around 2008 but they did not offer a networking situation. Credit should be given where due and it should be known that when Bit Coin listed onto the stock market some, NO! Many of the people involved made millions.

We believe CoinSpace could be BETTER!

Can I have my partner register?

Most people that register usually introduce a partner FIRST! Why? Because once your registered and you have made you’re decision to start mining, you will want those close to you to enjoy the same rewards.

So it is family first, then you start to introduce others.

Is this a (MLM) Multi-Level Marketing?

Ah! That’s an interesting question, I could answer YES! It is! But! I would suggest that it’s more like affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is where you use the system to generate an income, the system supplies and delivers everything.

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing infers we need to buy, store and deliver a product and CoinSpace is not about that. But CoinSpace does use some Multi-Level Marketing ideas because they are the very best way to help develop the business and more importantly YOUR business.

How many people can I introduce?

When you have a little time you need to watch the CoinSpace Videos you will learn about the SUPER generous compensation program and rewards.

You can call the person that introduced you or call one of the team members and they will gladly go over everything with you.

Answering your question – You can introduce as many people as you wish. One Australian teams have already introduced over 500 people.

Do I need to introduce others?

The question above answers part of this question. BUT, the answer is NO! You do not need to introduce others, however it is beneficial to do so.

Please keep in mind

That it is totally free to register and if you do so your position is secure. You should DO THAT NOW and then you have plenty of time to learn more and gain a greater understanding of where CoinSpace S Coin is heading and how you can become a part of the Australian Money Making Machine – REGISTER

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