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What if millions of people from around the globe were to send you $1?

A small amount like that would be quite affordable and you would soon become a millionaire.

Sounds great in theory, but is it realistic?

Why would complete strangers to send you their money?

As strange as it may seem, many of them will do just that if there is a suitable reason. The fact is that people like helping others. People like being charitable and will give money, especially if they know that there will be a reward later.

For those of us who may want to assist others while being financially rewarded, there is a new program which provides this opportunity. GIFTOBIT.

GIFTOBIT effectively redistributes a growing proportion of the global cash-flow to the needy, enabling growing numbers of people to increase their income, reduce their debts and improve their lives.

GiftoBit operates worldwide. It is funded by increasing numbers of philanthropists whose aim is to improve, bit by bit, the living standards of ALL people.

It is a non profit, non religious, non political, non government organization and uses Bitcoin rather than dollars for fast inexpensive international currency transfers.

The GiftoBit Foundation was founded in July 2016 by two Australian philanthropists, Carlene and Daniel Spiteri with a vision to encourage increasing numbers of people from all nations to become involved with:

  • Understanding the meaning of money, learning about crypto currency and the practical applications of Bitcoin.
  • Providing additional income opportunity for millions of people
  • Supporting philanthropic projects world wide that will provide food, education, shelter as well as human rights.

For those who have an interest in this project, these Q and A’s may be helpful:

Q. Can I participate in GiftoBit if I know nothing about Bitcoin?

A. Yes you can! GiftoBit provides a crypto currency / Bitcoin educational package with 24/7 online support.

Q. How much will this cost me?

A. Registration and a website are free. Then if you wish to become financially involved with GiftoBit, you will need to purchase your Education Package for 0.07 Bitcoin (*Admin. Update: – about usd$70, varies due to market fluctuations- HURRY as BTC is trading at around usd$1000 atm!!), which will go to a computer nominated person. This will be your one and only outlay – ever!

Q. How will this benefit me?

A. There will be multiple benefits:

  1. 25% of your contribution will directly help in one of our philanthropic projects.
  2. You will receive the Bitcoin education package.
  3. You will start receiving donations yourself as more and more people join GiftoBit. This will be an automatically increasing source of income for you as global membership grows.There are over 3 Billion internet users and MOST of them will want what GiftoBit is offering. Some of those contirbutions will come directly to you.
  4. Admin Update: by registering for Free & then Upgrading to full Member, both status’s can earn you 0.01BTC per referral that upgrades too 🙂

Q. What will I have to do after joining?

A. Very little! There is nothing to sell, no monthly fees, no auto-ship and no commissions. GiftoBit is not MLM and there is no need to recruit anyone. If you wish to share with others what GiftoBit has to offer, then that is entirely up to you (however, there is a fantastic benefit to bringing others to GiftoBit)

However, you yourself will have to handle the Bitcoin donations sent to you by others.

Q. Is it legal?

A. Yes, it is! GiftoBit participation and making donations are voluntary activities. All Bitcoin currency transactions are peer to peer, so money does not go through administrators or any third party.

Q. Where is all this money coming from?

A. It comes from people from all over the world who make a once only donation of 0.07 Bitcoin (less than $70).

Global awareness of GiftoBit and its benefits are spreading virally throughout the internet. Online communication makes it very easy to share information, so world wide donor numbers are increasing rapidly.

Q. Is the GiftoBit program sustainable?

A. Yes, it is! This is because the program has combined the revolutionary concept of a “self compounding” matrix, together with “Team Build”. Team Build means that all incoming donations are computer programmed to systematically fill the vacant matrix positions.
The result is that the matrix population has to increase automatically and everyone in the matrix benefits EQUALLY.

Q. Where can I get more information?

A. This is obtainable from the GiftoBit website.

Registration is free, but for financial involvement, new members must be sponsored.

The three website videos will explain how and why the GiftoBit system works so well. Considerable additional information is also available via Google and YouTube.

In Summary:

To understand the GiftoBit matrix system requires mathematical ability and thinking “outside the box”. If the concept was simple, it would have been in use much earlier.

The “Team Build” and “Self Compounding” innovations evolved in the early part of 2016 when a few dedicated people were searching for a low cost program for improving the lifestyles of people in Africa and other third world countries.
So is there a catch? No, not unless having to learn how to use Bitcoin is considered to be undesirable. Objections will also come from people who say “Never heard of this Gifto thing before, can’t be any good”.

The fact remains that GiftoBit is a new remarkable vehicle for re-distributing global money and improving the lives of millions.

Everyone who participates will be helping everyone else and will be receiving help in return.

“Giving comes before Receiving!”

As Napoleon Hill once said:
”The best and quickest way to succeed is by helping others to succeed”

Join us in changing the world. Bit by bit.

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