AdsCash Just passed 300K + Members & Firing….


Congrats To Everyone Involved Here

We Just Crossed Over 300k + People 

With Another 10 Days To Go , It’s Easy 400k + People which
means we will be able to circulate about 40 million
coins on Day 1

No Other Crypto Currency has ever been able to start with the
kind of numbers with which we are starting

Crypto currency is all about 2 things-  circuation + usage

We are world’s #1 when it comes to circuation at the start up
stage with 400k+ people involved

Usage wise we aleady have products ready and more will be
added every month 

I easily see us hitting $2.5 usd in next 12 months on bare minimum side from
launch ICO of 2.5 cents and $25 on the higher side in next 12 months

That is 100x to 1000x ROI …

Stack your bitcoins ( good time to grab them as prices are a  bit low – And Then
Be Ready for the launch day to pick up as many Ads.Cash Coins As
you Can For 100x to 1000x returns in next 12 months )

If you are building your teams , this is the time to put everything in 3rd
gear and double and triple your team sizes…

And Walk away with massive commissions cheques on launch day
and beyond…..

Qualifciation for levels will be easiest on launch day and then with
rising value of coins , will become tougher and tougher..

So grab as many coins on launch day as you can , so you also
have maximum levels opened up helping you get paid from
upto 7 levels…..

Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

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AdsCash Powerpoint Presentation

AdsCash White Paper Version 1.0

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